Key Takeaways & Outcomes

Capability building in ICF CORE COMPETENCIES

Setting the Foundation

  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Co-creating the Relationship

  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
  • Coaching Presence

Communicating Effectively

  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication

Facilitating Learning and Results

  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

Graduates of Executive coaching will receive:

  • Royal Roads University CEC designation: Certified Executive Coach, ICF accredited
  • Transcript from the University
  • Alumni status from Royal Roads University

Minimum 40 hours of coaching practice

Program Outcomes

Option to transfer course credits earned (9 credits can be earned on successful completion of the certification) towards select master’s degree programs at Royal Roads University. Upon acceptance to the program, graduates of the Executive Coaching program provide laddering options to transfer credits to:

  • Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (36 credit degree)
  • Master of Business Administration (52 credit degree)
  • Master of Arts in Tourism Management (36 credit degree)
  • Global Management program (42 credit degree)

Each degree has a 7 year completion window at this time.