Program Curriculum

As a leader or future trailblazer in your industry, you are looking for opportunities to improve your leadership skills and impact, develop effective planning tools and techniques, and gain the accreditation you need. Executive Education in Coaching provides you with professional learning opportunities that are structured with considerable thought and research into a curriculum that can help you move ahead in your career.

1. Best practices in Executive Coaching
Provides relevant theory as well as significant opportunity to apply practically in the development of exemplary coaching skills in a variety of professional contexts. Blending an online introduction to the graduate certificate in executive coaching with a six-day intensive residency period and a final three-day capstone that brings closure to the certificate program, will provide the framework for a coach approach combining both practical tools and application of key coaching principles.

2. Foundations of Executive Coaching
Coaching is grounded in the language of creation, commitment and possibility along with the need to understand the forces that aid and impede accomplishment. Students build on the work offered at the residency and further develop their understanding and appreciation of both the power of language and several key domains of personal and professional development. Students develop coaching skills and form personal and professional foundations for their executive coaching practice.

3. Executive Coaching in Organizations
Investigates organizations from a systems perspective and examines the role of executive coaching to support learning. Participants will view the organization from differing perspectives to develop and understand the organization’s corporate context. This understanding will assist the discovery of underlying behaviors to support achievement and highlight processes and systems to manage progress and accountability in both themselves and others.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Speaking, Listening & Powerful Questioning
  • Language of Coaching, Observations & Feedback
  • Assessments in Executive Coaching
  • Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Coaching Issues in Organizations
  • Understanding the Executive World: Systems & Interrelationships
  • Leadership Coaching in Organizations
  • Establishing a Coaching Culture