Specialized Leadership Programs

HR Leadership Program

SOIL’s customized HR Leadership Programs are designed to establish and nurture top-notch HR professionals. It addresses many critical topics like the role of HR in the dynamic business environment, how to Lead Mindfully and how to Inspire Others in times of uncertainty.

Sales Leadership Program

The program would enable the Sales Force to enhance their performance in their current role and prepare them to take on higher responsibilities in the future. Guided by our seasoned faculty, the participants will learn practice-proven principles, strategies and tactics, then explore how to apply them to some of the most current challenging sales issues. This program would be able to help them enhance skills in their core area, and also become a well-rounded professional.

Leadership Alignment

Given the ambitious growth plans and fast-paced work environment, there is a need to ensure alignment of all leaders/teams to the organizational Vision, a greater understanding of the support required from each other and clarity on the ways of working together to enhance collaboration and effective execution.

The program is designed with the objective of building collective ownership across all the levels of the Leaders/teams; towards a shared purpose and thereby working together more effectively to create high impact.