Analytics for HR Effectiveness

HR is progressing from being merely operational in nature to being seen as a strategic business partner. Analytics has played a key role in this transformation.

HR Analytics is a data-driven approach to HR and is being applied to a wide range of areas in HR such as attracting top talent, performance measurement, compensation, workforce planning, and retention. Its insights are used as an input to strategic decision making and enable organizations to measure the business impact of HR practices and policies.

An increasing number of organizations and HR professionals recognize the value in Analytics and are investing in building substantial analytics capabilities within HR.

SOIL’s Analytics for HR Effectiveness Program enables HR professionals to analyze data using statistical tools and derives useful insights from the analyzed data to make informed decisions and add more value to the business. This 30-hour classroom program is spread over 2 weekends. The sessions are facilitated by highly experienced professionals who have decades of experience in facilitation, research and consulting in the area of Analytics. 

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