Coaching - Overview

Coaching is an important intervention for talent development, especially for senior and top leaders. Organizations are increasingly adopting executive coaching as a proven tool for leadership development. We undertake the following programs as part of our coaching practice

Leader as a Coach

In today’s fast paced, demanding and stressful working environment it is crucial for leaders to know how to use their time optimally. It is also key for the leaders to recognize the unique strengths of their team members and leverage these strengths for increased productivity. It is in this context that SOIL helps the organizations to design a customized coaching skills development program to develop their Leaders as a Coach. SOIL adheres to all ICF Core Competencies for Coaching Skills Development Program.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is about asking meaningful questions, deep listening, thoughtful reflection – which leads to greater self-awareness, a shift in one’s paradigm, connection with a higher purpose and more focused action. Executive Coaching facilitates change, employee learning and helps organizations to find solutions to the most complex problems.

SOIL’s approach to Coaching is to enable individuals to realize their potential and grow; thereby increasing their effectiveness as leaders. SOIL has a panel of experienced and certified coaches who provide individual and group coaching services. Our Industry Consortium and international academic relationships give us access to a large pool of highly experienced coaches, with diverse backgrounds that help us to match the coachee to a coach with the relevant experience and understanding of the coachee’s context.

SOIL’s Approach:

- We believe that every person comes to the planet with a purpose and for a calling

- We also believe that every person has been given the gifts to work for that purpose

- We believe the real meaning of education is to appreciate your gifts and use them for your purpose and calling

- When you learn to leverage your gifts towards your purpose, you do Inspired work

- When you enable others to do so, you become Inspired Leaders

- When leaders find meaning in their current role & work by connecting the same to their calling, they perform at their joyful best

- SOIL uses this approach in its Transformational Coaching Methodology