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Highlights of the upcoming webinar

Agenda for the webinar:

  • Tips for students applying for NMAT.
  • How you can use your NMAT score to advance your career?

This webinar will also give you an opportunity to engage with Mr. Sahil Sachdev, President and Head of SOIL Manesar Campus and get to know about SOIL's philosophy, USPs of SOIL management programs and your career growth at SOIL. 



Mr. Sahil Sachdev

President and Head, SOIL Manesar Campus


Sahil is a MBA from Kelly School of Business, Indian University, Bloomington, USA, has worked for ‘The Limited’, the iconic company that owns brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works for several years before founding Great Retail Brands that created’ Flip Bistro’, the QSR chain that quickly scaled up to seven stores. Sahil joined SOIL in 2016 as the Chief Growth Officer and head of Marketing.

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