In this webinar SOIL Dean, Dr. Neetika Batra would be sharing her Ph.D. study. This Ph.D. study is in line with the core SOIL philosophy of finding a greater purpose in whatever we do and making meaningful contributions to social and national priorities through our work and lives.

The DCP or PSL program of the Indian government has been in place since 1968 and was intended to contribute to the national priority of balanced national development. Under this, all banks are supposed to annually lend 40% of their funds to the priority and underserved areas of the economy, like agriculture, SMEs, weaker sections, etc. However, despite nearly half a century of this program in operation and substantial funds flowing therein, we notice that there are huge income inequalities in India. A large section of Indian farmers are still very poor, SMEs still find it difficult to grow, some states still remain backward and credit starved.

Therefore, the present study was conducted to understand how the program can be made more effective to serve the social cause of ensuring equity and contribute to the national priority of balanced sustainable development.

She feels that as a researcher, it is our duty and that we owe it to our society and to our nation to use our skill set, to conduct research work of social relevance, which can contribute to the welfare of the nation in some manner. It is with this intent that the present study was initiated.

Speaker: Dr. Neetika Batra Services | SOIL Dean

Date & Time: July 18, 2019, | 06:00 PM 

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