Empathy- Business Leaders' first thought!

Speakers - Studio Carbon

Date - 23 May 2019

Time - 06:00 PM

Are organizations shifting their cultural mindset from “what we sell” to “how we help”? To enable a fundamental, sustainable competitive market advantage, brands are of late creating experiences at the intersection of user-centric design and business strategy. Organizations leverage that empathy and insight to improve decision making, unlock new business opportunities, and create more compelling and competitive customer experiences. This product innovation journey starts from the first thought, or so to say the first step in the Design Thinking Process, i.e. empathy.

Is 'Design-thinking' the thing for the future?
How is this 'design-thinking' process inculcated in the School of Business Design curriculum?
What can be expected out of a design-thinking leader coming out of School of Business Design?

Link - http://bit.ly/2M3GunC