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Here’s how dynamic ‘Soilites’ cracked the XSEED interview

Here’s how dynamic ‘Soilites’ cracked the XSEED interview


It is that time of the year when every B-School campus is bustling with energy and a myriad of companies are flooding the campus where sparkling eyes of students outside interview rooms can be seen distinctly. The SOIL campus is no different and the students who were seen in casual clothing daily are today dressed in buttoned up blazers with well set hair looking like professionals ready to enter the corporate world. Jittery, anxious, happy, confident are some of the expressions one could see outside the board room where we have the management from XSEED waiting to interview the students.

After a series of rigorous interview sessions five students were offered placements at Xseed and we give you a lowdown on how they cracked the interview with utmost confidence and passion.

The first and foremost important thing before you prepare yourself for an interview is the right attitude and right approach. If one learns to conquer the fear of rejection there is nothing that could stop one from achieving success. An extremely passionate Anshuman Agarwal (one of the selected candidates) thus exclaims, “It is not the fear of an interview that one feels but the fear of rejection. To overcome this fear, simply change your attitude and approach towards the interview. Be self motivated and fearless and this is what helped me to crack the interview.” Another chosen candidate Bekkam Sain delved on the road of compassion where for him narrating his life experiences demonstrated his mental strength and risk taking abilities which is another integral skill set one needs to possess as a future leader. It was his valuable experience of working with young children as a President of Phoenix Era (an NGO which was a part of his Social Innovation programme at SOIL) which helped him analyse situations by stepping into another’s shoes and further coming up with the right problem solving techniques.

Both Anshuman & Bekkam were of the same opinion that however much you prepare yourself for an interview by practicing mock sessions, researching about the company or even knowing your subject, what happens on the actual day remains a mystery which one needs to unfold only when you are in the field. The diverse approach of these two puts light on the fact that every interview is individualistic and brings forth distinct charateristics of the person who is being interviewed thus helping us understand how companies today wish to hire people with diverse mindset as well as diverse skillset.

When we asked them what was that one interesting incident during the interview that they wanted to share, Bekkam stated a situation when his interviewer suddenly exclaimed that even though he loved the way Bekkam had narrated his life experiences as a story yet he felt that it was all fake and there was nothing real in it. And it was at this particular juncture where his interpersonal skills and behaviourial analysis came to use. With a smile on his face he confidently took charge of the situation and reassured his interviewer that if need be he was ready to substantiate every statement he spoke.  

Capturing the real experiences of these two selected ones highlight certain qualities that one looks for in future leaders – Fearlessness, Compassionate, Mindfulness and Uniqueness.

“There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self respect, or his self-confidence. He is still a king” — Orison Swett Marden