Student Feedback

We believe in statistics when it comes to student delight and the HR Leadership Program is consistently rated high on the faculty, course and learning by our students. The overall satisfaction of our students on the learning experience is rated at 4.24 on a scale of 5

"The memories of the first week are still fresh in my memory. We started our day by offering prayers like I did during my school days. The most outstanding event was the Development Center which was created on the theme of the “movies”. Without knowing that we were being evaluated, we performed a series of activities such as enacting, writing scripts, jingles, pre and post film production activities. I could not believe I had so much creativity within me and even acted on stage for the very first time. In retrospect, I realized that we were actually practicing valuable skills of management such as team building, negotiation, planning, innovation and problem-solving."
Surbhi Khanna (Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership, Batch of 2015-16)

"The day I entered SOIL, I was overwhelmed by its uniqueness in a way it instills an essence of confidence & enthusiasm through its inspiring ecosystem. The primal objective during the first week was to assess and appreciate an individual’s learning approach and potential. The activities performed helped me realize my strengths and how I could leverage them to prosper in my life. Within the first week, we were exposed to different industry speakers inspiring us, sharing how practicing values nurtures one’s personal and professional life."

Saurabh Chauhan (Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership, Batch of 2015-16)