Student's Development

SOIL Career Services (SCS) is dedicated to providing a highly personalized service to each MBA student. Career Services provides guidance and assistance so as to best prepare the candidate for the recruitment process. SCS supports every student in developing the necessary managerial skills and competencies to succeed in this complex and ever changing competitive job market. Right from the start of the program, you will find SCS involved with every student in increasing their brand and economic value.

Soil Career Services has two major Academies:

1. Career Services Academy

The Career Services Academy (CSA) helps students build the skills and networks needed to manage their career planning process and carries out business development activities with potential recruiters.

It helps students in finding the right opportunities for internships and final placements. Activities with CSA involve the following:

Career Services Academy

2. Career Learning Academy

Academic study is only one part of what we see as complete development for the student. The Career Learning Academy (CLA) provides a variety of learning opportunities towards developing the soft skills necessary in verbal and written communication, leadership, team building, time and resource management, networking and public speaking. Furthermore, students will learn to reflect on their own personal attitudes and cultural values which influence their behavior and relationships. These are the human skills which all successful managers possess and use to achieve results, in any organization. Check out SOIL’s student profiles for information about their career development.

Career Learning Academy