Social Innovation Program

The Social Innovation Program (SIP) in SOIL involves a team of students working closely with a non-profit organization working towards community development. We have partnered with 30 NCR based non-profit organizations this year and our students spend one day every week working with these partners. Every team chooses a project that they can contribute meaningfully to and these include building business plans for income generation activity, developing case studies as marketing collateral, innovative fundraising initiatives amongst others.

Today, more than ever before, the business community is increasingly focusing on the development sector and social inclusion. This makes it essential for any business leader to fully understand and appreciate the ground realities of the development sector. Without the full involvement of the future leaders, this development will remain one-sided, insufficient and incomplete. With this intent, the School of Inspired Leadership has incorporated the Social Innovation Program into its curriculum as an integral course.

As part of the Social Innovation Program, you will work with organizations committed to building a better world. These could be government run organizations, nonprofits, for-profit social ventures or education institutions. You will spend a total of 40 days for the Social Innovation Program: 30 days on the field and 10 days in the classroom.

You will be working in teams for the Social Innovation Program.  Each team will work on relevant and specific projects that could be in the area of process improvement, marketing, fundraising, volunteer engagement, feasibility studies, financial improvement etc. These projects will be chosen depending on the most critical need areas of the organization as mutually decided by the organization and the student team. These will be signed off by the SIP faculty as well.