In order to encourage and support students with limited means, SOIL offers Scholarships to deserving students. The number of seats under the scholarship category are limited. Students seeking scholarships are advised to apply early in the admission cycle as the majority of scholarships are available in the cycle 1 & cycle 2.

1. If applying under scholarship category, you will have to indicate the same while filling the application form.

2. A separate form – the scholarship form, will be required to be filled for applying for the scholarship. You will be directed to it only if you choose to apply in the scholarship category.

3. The admission will only be offered in case the seats under applied scholarships category are available.

Need-Based Scholarships

Applicants with family income (excluding applicant's income) of less than INR. 5 lakh per annum.
Last drawn salary would be considered for retired family members.
Applicants from family business, entrepreneurial & self-employed background will not be considered.
Applicants who have studied or worked outside India will not be considered
Scholarships will be granted only after complete verification of applicable documents.
Grant Amount: 2.5-4 Lacs
Merit-Based Scholarships
Exeptional Students with a proven track record in academics, professional career, extracurricular activities & Admission Process

Grant Amount: 2 Lacs

Capt. Vikram Batra Scholarships for Defense

Students from the Armed Forces background are eligible for this scholarship. It is also applicable for students whose parents have served in the Defence Services of India.

Grant Amount: 2-4 Lacs

Outstanding Work in NGOs Scholarships

Students who have been actively working for an NGO or Non-profit Organisations presently or in the past (For at least one year)

Grant Amount: 1-2 Lacs

Teach for India / AIESEC Scholarships

Students who have contributed to society by finding sustainable solutions to bring development.

Grant Amount: 1-2 Lacs

Women in Leadership Scholarships

Women who have done exceptional work in leadership roles for an organization.

Grant Amount: 2 Lacs