The Post Graduate Program in HR Leadership has over the years evolved to provide some very unique learning opportunities. These include

  1. Consulting Assignments: Students have in the past benefitted by working along with the Consulting team at SOIL on live projects that have considerably enhanced their understanding of the practical side of HR. An example is the practical use of LSIP or Large Scale Interactive Processes in a project for the Planning Commission that was looking at ways of reducing malnutrition in India.
  2. HR Lab: This unique real-time simulation pits your knowledge and understanding of HR concepts against other teams through various business scenarios. You learn about the time impact of decision making and choosing the optimal practical solution as against the ‘theoretically best’ solution.
  3. Curriculum: State of the art curriculum that includes teaching HR Analytics, Competency Mapping, Transformational IR etc. from some of the best practitioners of the art in India.