Learning Outcomes

The learning design of SOIL is based on the philosophy of knowing, doing and being. This philosophy ensures that the curriculum is not restricted to only knowledge and theory but there are plenty of opportunities and spaces created for applications (internships and projects) and self-reflection and inner work.

The courses are carefully chosen based on feedback from our industry partners. These are fairly well distributed to ensure learning of business perspectives, HR tools and methodologies, HR fundamentals and some advanced HR concepts and practicesThe course prepares you for the role of HR business partner. In addition, you may also consider roles such as HR Specialists and HR Consulting. The Program is designed for the following learning outcomes:

  1. Relate and engage with different stakeholders as partners in business by displaying HR knowledge in depth and sufficient breadth.
  2. Be a strategic HR leader with a sound understanding of business perspective.
  3. Relate different HR constructs and principles in their application to routine everyday work life.
  4. Execute HR policies, strategies and frameworks as required in the organizational context.
  5. Be an Inspired HR Leader strong on values & contributing to the overall impact of HR in the workplace.