Application Process

Step 1: Submit your Application

Our application process requires you to fill in an online application form by your chosen application deadline. You will be required to provide the admissions committee with the following:

- Details of academic background

- Extensive account of your work experience

- The following exam scores are acceptable for admissions to the 1 Year PGPHRL Program. These scores are not mandatory, however, they add extra weight to the application

Untitled design (85)-1 Untitled design (87)-1 Untitled design (90)-1 Untitled design (89)-1


- Contact details of two recommenders, with at least one professional recommender, whom SOIL will email at a later date

- Three mandatory essays to help us determine your fit with SOIL

- Preferred dates for STAT and interviews

The application fee amounts to Rs. 2000/- and is non-refundable. Candidature for admissions is only considered after remittance of the admission fee of Rs. 2000/-. This admission fee goes towards covering the costs associated with STAT (SOIL Talent Appreciation Test). 

SOIL PGPM Application Form

Step 2: STAT (SOIL Talent Appreciation Test)

SOIL Talent Appreciation Test (STAT) is a 105-minute assessment that helps us understand your leadership potential and strengths of your personality. The STAT takes into account four personality traits that contribute to the making of a great leader. These attributes are:

Leadership potential – it measures assertiveness, risk-taking ability, ability to learn from your mistakes

Reasoning and Ideation potential – it measures how you think, analyzes problems and comes up with creative solutions

Relationship building potential – it measures empathy, skepticism, gregariousness

Self-Leadership potential - it measures how you organize your time and resources

Step 3: Talent Appreciation Interview

We have a rolling interview process. You can expect to get a decision on your shortlist within four weeks of submitting your application and two weeks of taking the STAT. Shortlisted candidates are required to arrive 30 minutes before the interview to take a few on the spot tests at the interview venue. Interviews with short-listed candidates will be conducted by a faculty member and a senior member of the industry. Interviews last about 45 minutes and you will be asked questions about your background and your aspirations, and how the MBA program fits with your plans.

Step 4: Final Decision

Final decisions will be emailed to all candidates within four weeks of taking the interview. After your interview there are two possible outcomes:

1. You are made an offer to join the program: In which case you will be required to secure your place by paying the first installment of the course fee - INR Two Lacs within 10 days of receiving the offer. The Admissions team will guide you through this process.

2. You are not successful at securing a place this year: We encourage you to reach out to us for feedback on your profile, strengthen your profile and re-apply the following year. The admissions committee will look to see how you’ve progressed since the time of your previous application.