Student Learning Journey

Learning Model
PGPBL is specially designed for professionals with work experience to meet the following learning goals
  • Cultivate sound knowledge of all critical business functions like finance, marketing, HR, strategy, operations
  • Nurture whole systems thinking to enable assessment of business problems using multiple intelligence and an original approach
  • Enhance strategic thinking and decision making skills to enable questioning of the status quo
  • Develop a unique value driven leadership style
  • Create a life-long learning roadmap for professional success

Learning Model

The Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership is an intensive year-long leadership program based on the philosophy of blended learning. The learning model of this leadership program hinges on bringing practical business scenarios into the classroom through a vast network of successful leaders and entrepreneurs who frequently visit the campus as faculty or guests.

The broad elements of the learning model are:

  • Classroom Discussions: Dissemination of subject knowledge, sharing experiences and facilitating learning through case studies and real-life examples.

  • Andragogy: A clear focus on the application of theory and business simulation helps you be more oriented towards problem solving and results. This is done through a well-designed mix of case studies, project work, research, simulation and role plays. We have partnerships with Harvard & the Ivey School for sourcing of case studies and other material.

  • Technology Enabled Classrooms: Faculty of SOIL encourage the use of smartbooks, online quizzes, practice assignments, simulations and even online courses.

  • Individual Learning Plan: A personalized document that is created during an intensive development center using the Test profile coupled with Behavioral interviews, this plan helps maximize your learning potential while at SOIL. This is renewed with internal and external mentors every month.

The unique learning experiences also include:

  • Real World Challenge: A one-month internship is a key learning intervention that helps you to experience the world of business from close quarters and experience how the learnings come together in the real world.

  • Social Innovation: Student will work in teams with NGO’s, one day a week, to make a difference in a social cause that matters to them.

  • Mentoring: A key development tool that provides you with the unique opportunity to be mentored throughout the year by a faculty member as well as by a corporate leader.

  • Appreciative Inquiry: A transformational week-long program conducted in the foothills of Dharamshala that sensitizes you to a different approach to consulting – churning the positives.

  • Ethical Dilemmas: A 5-day theatre program with the nation’s best theatre teachers to address and strengthen your own value system through powerful simulations and role play.

Learning Map

You can download the PGP- Business Leadership One-Year Learning Map here