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  Anil Sachdev, Founder & CEO, School of Inspired Leadership

 The Emerging Leadership Program is designed to provide a holistic business perspective to  functional Managers and groom them for the next leadership level.

Emerging Leadership Program


The Emerging Leader Booster Program is a Leadership Development Program meant for High Potential, Mid-Level Functional Managers who are keen to learn aspects of Business in other Functional Areas (Marketing, Finance, Strategy etc) in order to groom themselves to become holistic business leaders of tomorrow.

It is a comprehensive learning journey comprised of four 6-day modules of classroom sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions and a Strategic Organisational Project - all in the duration of an 8 month intervention, facilitated by world class industry practitioner faculty and academicians.

Who can benefit from ELP

ELBP is designed for Functional Managers (with 8-15 years of Work Experience), who lead key units/departments/functions of their companies and aspire to be senior leaders in their organizations.

What makes ELP Unique

Strategic Organisational Project:

Strategic Organizational Project brings about direct and tangible benefits to the Organization along with Individual Learning and Development.

Multi-Pronged Approach:
Breadth of inputs – Strategic Organizational Project, Class Room Sessions, One-on-One Coaching, Psychometric Testing, Reporting Manager Feedback, Leadership Series, Alumni Services etc.

Academics-Consulting- Industry Network:

  • Academia and the latest in research, through the SOIL B School
  • Stalwart Management Consultants through the SOIL Consultancy
  • Deep Rooted Industry Network owing to the Strong Consulting Background

Program Methodology

  • Class Room Sessions: Total 24 days of classroom sessions including a course on Design Thinking
  • A Strategic Organisational Project
  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions supported by Psychometric Testing and Reporting Manager’s Feedback
  • Interactions with chosen Industry Leaders and organizations (current CEOs/CXOs of large, impactful companies)
  • SOIL Alumni Services

ELBP is spread over an 8-month period, comprised of 4 modules, each module consisting of 6-day classroom sessions. The 3 one-on-one coaching sessions are interspersed between these modules, while the Strategic organisational project goes on through the entire duration of the program with Project Reviews conducted in between.

Key Takeaways

  • Advance strategic decision-making capabilities to think faster and more creatively about current competitive strategies and solutions  
  • Deepen understanding of organisatlonal dynamics to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives and facilitate/transformation
  • Build capabilities for leading cross-functional teams across silos
  • Deepen Knowledge in core areas of business including Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Design Thinking and Innovation; and Analytics based on current research and best practices
  • Develop a network of peers and experts
  • Gain deep self-awareness and insights through 360-degree feedback and one-on-one coaching

Core Faculty and Steering Group

  • Program Thought Leader – Anil Sachdev: Founder and CEO of Eicher Consultancy Services (ECS), Grow Talent Co. Ltd. and the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). Anil’s experience in India and across the world covers areas such as Leadership Development, Strategic Change, and Organizational Transformation. Recognized as a thought leader in these areas, Anil has done pioneering work with leading global and local firms.
  • Program Director – Atindra Nath Bhattacharya:  Atindra is a full-time Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Marketing Leadership Programme at the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). He is also the ex-Dean (Academics) at IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida. In addition to his academic experience, Atindra has 18 years of experience in the industry and has worked with brands like Amul, Dhara, Vadilal, Ravi Fans, Lovett etc. at the national level. His expertise lies in areas of Channel Management, Sales Force Management, Retail Management, Consumer Behaviour and Entrepreneurship.

  • Shyam Viswanathan- Leadership and Strategy Consultant; Former Associate Dean – Executive Education, Indian School of Business
  • R.R.Nair- Former HR Director- HUL; Former Member, Academic Council of Tata Management Training Centre
  • Desikamani Gopaladesikan- Director, Mentor Learning
  • K Ramesh- Ex-Head,Capgameni BPO, Asia Vertical
  • Neetika Batra- Program Chair, Business Leadership Program, SOIL
  • Vijayalakshsmi Viswanathan- Experienced Marketing Consultant
  • Vijay Ghei- Consultant on innovation and Design Thinking


PROGRAM FEE: Rs. 5,35,000


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“The course has helped me look inside as well as outside to take business decisions more effectively. I was able to connect with Finance, Sales Support and Executive teams more effectively and crafted a plan Energy Rebound Program for India.”

“After participating in the Emerging Leader Booster Program I was able to manage my work- life balance better. The learnings during the course of the program helped me in effective time management and smart delegation. I have also been promoted from middle management to the first leg of senior management.”

“The program is well planned and very inspiring. I will never forget the time spent with the entire group in Kerala. My thinking style and perspective of life have changed considerably.”


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