Our Experience

Our Experience (Caselet) – Creating Happiness Leads to Evolved Individuals and Greater Business Impact

We used our Happiness Model in one of the high scale manufacturing companies of India to create an environment of Happiness and Positivity. Though the company has a successful business model and has relatively satisfied employees and customers, it was the founder’s belief that ‘Total Happiness and Positivity’ in the organization will make people realize their true potential.

The company CEO strongly believed that the key to sustainable organizations and the essence of Indian ethos is the concept of ‘Ananda’ or ‘Happiness and Positivity’, which made it possible for SOIL to implement its model more effectively.

The intervention was spread out over two years for 12 units and for approximately 2000 employees.

As depicted in the graph[1] below, SOIL was able to raise the level of happiness in these two years which has resulted not only into Individuals who have evolved emotionally, spiritually and psychologically by driving out their fears but has also created larger business impact:

  • Improved performance
  • Lower attrition rate
  • More employee participation and involvement
  • Increased employee commitment to work
  • More creativity and innovation
  • Higher employee morale and satisfaction with the work



[1] For one of the key manufacturing units of the organization.