Program Design

The primary dimensions of the GLP are leadership vision and its partner, strategy, both of which have a dominant place within the program.  What flows from the emphasis on vision is the necessity of understanding contexts before formulating and deploying a strategy. With this in mind, the GLP focuses on expanding awareness and understanding of external contexts and building the personal capacity to purposefully lead in an increasingly complex and erratic global environment.

Within the GLP you will find an array of formats to include seminars, workshops, coaching, and immersion experiences along with a mix of tools, exercises, peer discussion groups, action learning projects, and individual reflection. An overview of the curriculum for the GLP is as follows:

Week One

  • Develop a frame for analyzing and mapping the global environment relevant to changing business models, markets, and strategies
  • Build foundations of inspired action and authentic leadership
  • Explore alternative and disruptive business models and leadership practices
  • Initiate work on a strategic business challenge as identified by each participant (continues through intersessions and each week of the program)

Week Two

  • Recalibrate the challenges of innovation and change to a customer-centric model
  • Direct a strategic analysis of intra-organizational challenges
  • Gain insight through 360 assessment feedback and establish a development plan
  • Explore intercultural models in relation to today’s cross-culturally charged reality

Week Three

  • Develop effective intercultural communication and understanding
  • Investigate aligning organizational, team, and individual values and culture
  • Explore mindfulness leadership; aligning body and mind in action

“Definitely the best program I have ever attended: mixed cultures, experiences, background, and personalities. There was a strong focus on personal development and being a part of a community” – GLP Participant