The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is part of the consortium’s education mission and has a global curriculum with expert teachers and consultants operating across continents. The participants are also global leaders from various companies who come together at program locations in Los Angeles, Paris, Delhi and Shanghai.

This leadership program is specially designed for professionals who are being groomed for C-Suite level positions in their organizations. The primary dimensions of the GLP are leadership vision and strategy. The in-class portion of the GLP will consist of three modules of 5 to 6 days each. The curriculum will be organized around the value creation elements of global strategy, organization and leadership.

  • Understanding Global Market Dynamics & Geopolitical Trends – External Assessment > Strategic Analysis of organizations – Internal Assessment
  • Global Leadership Effectiveness – Individual Self-Assessment & Development Planning
  • Global Leadership Effectiveness – Multi-rater Assessment and Peer Coaching
  • Creating Value in a Global Environment – Strategy Planning Tools and Corporate Financial Analysis
  • Action Learning Project – Interviews and Data Analysis
  • Action Learning Project – Team Presentations
  • International Business Development
  • Intercultural Analysis
  • Historical, Cultural, and Business Perspectives on China
  • Global Leadership Effectiveness – Personal Transformation Workshop

A 3-4 month intersession between each week of the program will give program participants opportunity to apply lessons learned within their current organizations and return with new insights and questions for going deeper into the challenges of building and guiding global business operations.

Participants of the GLP will receive the following:
  • Strategy formulation tools including environmental assessment, competitive analysis, opportunity definition and organization design & development.
  • Organizational analysis tools including sociograms and actor strategy assessment, leadership assessment, feedback and coaching sessions designed to develop the capacity to assume different frames of reference and explore their nuances, build greater self-awareness and personal objectivity, and develop a fuller range of choices regarding development goals and objectives.
  • A holistic framework of learning that uses our cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual dimensions as data sources in contextual analysis and understanding.
  • Exposure to a truly global network of business leaders and program faculty from a wide array of industries and backgrounds for reinforcing different frames of reference, comparing experiences, generating new insights and become long-term friends and colleagues.
  • Immersion in different cultures through sessions on three different continents. A core challenge in leading global businesses is the tension between different market realities, management practices, customer needs, cultural norms and business performance constructs. Understanding and integrating these diverse elements poses the core challenge for global leaders.

Effective global leadership requires a high level of knowledge about the global environment plus the ability to connect the dots to the value creation functions of an organization, its strategy, business model and operating structure, and one’s own cultural assumptions. The GLP focuses on each of these dimensions and the role of leadership in building and guiding a global corporation.

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