What is PGP?

The PGP refers to SOIL’s full-time one-year post graduate program in management. The PGP is comparable to a regular two-year full-time MBA program offered by global business schools.

What are the programs offered by SOIL?

SOIL offers two full time courses namely Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership & Post Graduate Program in Human Resource Leadership.

What is the difference between Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership & HR Leadership?

Post Graduate Program in Human Resource Leadership focuses on specifically on HR practices and organizational psychology whereas Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership focuses on sharpening business acumen and the students can choose to specialize in any of the following tracks – marketing , finance or analytics.

Is the PGP similar to the Executive MBA Programs offered by several Business schools?

No. As mentioned above, the post graduate program is similar to a regular one year or two-year full-time MBA program offered by global business schools.

Does the program award an MBA degree?

No. Unlike in other countries, degrees can only be awarded by universities in India.

When will the course commence?

The course commences in the last week of April.

How many students can be enrolled for the program?

The batch size is 120 students for PGP-BL and 60 students for PGP- HRL.

Is it easier to get in for PGP-HRL over PGP-BL or vice-versa?

No. Both have similar selection criteria.

How can I opt for joint degree program option?

This option may be availed by paying an additional fee. This will entitle you to attend selected courses at MIP Italy for part of the year and the balance courses at SOIL.

What is the admission eligibility criterion/qualification at School of Inspired Leadership?

The eligibility criterion is:

a) Students must possess an undergraduate (bachelor’s degree)/post-graduate degree in any discipline
b) Minimum of two years’ full-time work experience

Having done an MBA, am I eligible for the SOIL program?

There is no restriction in applying to our program but you should demonstrate very good reasons in your application for wanting to do the PGP from SOIL.

I have completed a three-year diploma course but do not have an undergraduate degree. Am I eligible for the SOIL program?

The eligibility criterion at SOIL requires all students to have an undergraduate degree. If your diploma is considered to be equivalent to a degree by the appropriate authorities, then it will be acceptable otherwise not.

What are the minimum and maximum work experience considered?

Minimum experience required for PGP-BL and PGP-HRL is 2 years. However, there is no limit for the maximum work experience.

Is there any minimum and maximum age limit for admission?

There is no age limit as long as the students fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Will part time work experience be considered?


Is CA article ship considered for work experience?

It will be considered on the basis of candidate’s profile.

Will army service be considered as work experience?

Yes, your work experience will be viewed in the context of the responsibilities you have handled.

I have worked in my family owned business for the past three years. Will this experience be considered?

If this experience is full-time and if you can support this with relevant documents in your application, you can apply. The quality and relevance of your experience in your business will be critical. You will still have to furnish recommendations. Recommendations from your father, friends and family will not be accepted. You should furnish recommendation from people with whom you have a strictly professional interaction like with your clients, vendors etc.

How and when do I apply?

You can apply online on our website. Every cycle has respective deadlines which are as follows. 

Upcoming PGPM deadline - March 14th

How will SOIL verify my transcripts/documents?

Documents are updated on online portal for verification after the student has joined.

Can I re-apply if my application was rejected last year?

Yes, you can re-apply.

Will a rejection previously affect my selection this year?

No, it will not affect your application this year.

How will I be informed about the final outcome of the application?

The scanned copy of the offer letter would be sent by email.

What if I experience technical problems during the application procedure?

In such unpleasant experiences, you can reach out to our admission office and counselors or on the number given on the SOIL website.

Where do I get a copy of the application form?

We do not have a hard copy available. All forms have to be filled online using our web application portal.

Does the entire application need to be completed within one session?

You can have multiple sessions but it is recommended to complete it in one session.

Does SOIL acknowledge receipt of the application by mail?


Can I request for feedback on my previous application?


Will Indian and foreign applicants be evaluated on the same basis?

Yes, they will be evaluated on the same basis.

How important are extra-curricular activities in the application?

SOIL would like to admit well-rounded students. Extra-curricular activities add that extra dimension to your personality. In us, it is routine for people to do community service, which they can mention as an extra-curricular activity in their applications.

What are the fees for the programs offered?

Course Fees

Basic INR 14,73,226
Security Deposit (Refundable) INR 30,000
Total Fee Payable INR 15,03,226
Basic INR 12,55,864
Security Deposit (Refundable) INR 30,000
Total Fee Payable INR 12,85,864
Residential Facility with limited seats is available for outstation women candidates at a subsidized cost.


Is the admission fees separate from overall academic fees?

No, the admission fee is not separate from the overall academic fees.

What are the deadlines for payment of fees?

PGP-BL (Total Fees: Rs. 15,03,226/-)
1st Installment: Rs. 2,00,000/- within 10 days of offer

PGP-HRL (Total Fees: Rs. 12,85,864/-)
1st Installment: Rs. 2,00,000/- within 10 days of offer

Can the payment deadlines be extended?

No, the payment deadline cannot be extended.

What is the mode of payment of fees?

Payment can be made online or through demand draft.

Can I pay fees in installment?

Yes. The first installment of INR 2,00,000 needs to be paid within 10 days of the results being declared, failing which, the admission offer will stand canceled.

Does SOIL have tie-ups with banks for education loans?

Yes, we have tie-ups with Axis Bank, HDFC Credila and DHFL for education loans.

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy is mentioned on our website in the fifth stage of the application process and also on the offer letter.

Does SOIL have exchange program with foreign universities?

Yes, we have partnered with 3 international business schools namely MIP (Milano institute Politecnico) in Milan, Italy, BIG (Bainbridge graduate institute) in Seattle, USA and University of New Brunswick in Canada for exchange program.

How many students go for the exchange program?

Each year 4-5 students go for the exchange program.

When do students go for the exchange program?

Students go between February & March.

Will all students admitted be allowed to participate in the exchange program?

Yes, all students admitted will be allowed to participate.

What is the duration of exchange program?

The duration of the exchange program is normally between 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the selection criterion for the exchange program?

A student is evaluated on the basis of his/her resume, attendance, overall academic & co-curricular performance.

How do people manage possible time clashes between the placement season and the exchange program?

There is no clash between placement season and exchange program.

What is the difference between MIP Dual Degree and Exchange Program?

MIP Dual Degree is a one year master degree where students get full year credits by attending 2 months at MIP whereas Exchange Program is a 3 week program where students are given a certificate. For MIP Dual Degree, students have to pay an additional fee whereas for the Exchange Program, students have to only pay for the travel & accommodation.

When do placements start?

Placements start from the last week of November.

Does SOIL guarantee placements? What are the placements for graduates of SOIL PGP likely to be?

No. SOIL does not guarantee placements but every effort is made by the Career Management Service (CMS) Office to help students find and secure their ideal career opportunities. However, placements are a function of demand and supply and the CMS Office helps students manage their career expectations realistically.

What is eligibility criteria to sit for placements?

The eligibility criteria to sit for the placements are: 1) CGPA above 3/5.
2) Minimum 75% attendance.

Does SOIL offer placement assistance to all the students?

Yes, we do offer placement assistance to all our students. We have a dedicated Career Management Services (CMS) team and Career Learning Academy (CLA) which focuses not just on placements but also on the holistic growth of the students of SOIL. Career Management Services encompasses the process of development, exploration and management of your career aspirations and taking concrete steps to take your careers forward.

Do the consortium companies come for placements?

Yes, the consortium companies regularly come for industry placements.

What are the best job profile offered at SOIL?

The best job profiles offered at SOIL are:
PGP-BL – Product Manager, Business Analyst, Client Partner, Business Development, Project manager, Senior management Trainee HRL, Technology , Marketing , Category Manager , Distribution Manager , Consultant , Infra Pre Sales , Assistant Manager and Senior Management Trainee.
PGP-HRL – HR Generalist, HR Manager, Management Trainee HR and Consultant.

Do different companies approach PGP-BL & PGP-HRL students?

Yes, different companies offer different job profiles according to the specialization of the students.

Do the companies prefer students from PGP-BL over PGP-HRL or vice versa?

No, companies offer different job profiles according to their job requirement.

Which all companies recruited at SOIL in 2016?

In 2016 we had 75 companies that recruited our students including Dabur, ICICI bank, Genpact, Mahindra group, HCL technologies, Hindustan times media, Wipro technologies and various others. For more details, visit our placements page. Over the last 5 years more than 300 organizations have recruited from SOIL.

What was the highest salary offered in 2018 & which company offered it?

The highest salary was Rs. 15.12 LPA which was offered by Accenture.

What was the average salary offered in 2018?

The average salary offered was Rs. 9.5 LPA for PGP-BL & Rs. 8.0 LPA for PGP-HRL.

What was the minimum salary offered in 2018?

The minimum salary offered was Rs. 7 LPA for PGP-BL and Rs. 6.5 LPA for PGP- HRL.

How many people were unplaced in the previous year?

SOIL has a 100 % placement record for all students within 3 months of graduation.

Does SOIL have industry internship as part of the curriculum?

Yes, SOIL has industry internships as a part of the curriculum.

What is the time duration of the internship?

The time duration of the internships is one month.

Which companies visit campus for internships?

Companies like Dabur, Mahindra, Kotakbank , Whirlpool, Makemytrip, Goibibo, Hike messenger,Havells , Orkash, Capgemini, TATA Projects, TVS, Delhivery, Aricent, Authbridge, Intellect Design, Mindtree, Oyo Rooms, Anand Group, IPE Global, VECV, NSDC, Gogetspeedy ,Stayzilla , RBS , Zocalo, BILT, LancoInfratech, Feedback ventures, Efkon,OMC Power, Cardekho and Happiest Minds.

What is the minimum and maximum stipend offered?

The stipend ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 per month.

Does SOIL provide internship assistance to all students?

Yes, SOIL offers internship assistance to all our students. We have a dedicated career management services and career learning academy that focus not only on internships but also on the holistic growth of students at SOIL.

What is the eligibility criteria for internship?

It differs from company to company for internships.

What is the role of the visiting faculty at SOIL?

The role of visiting faculty is to imbibe a real-time global perspective of the business world to the classroom learning of the SOIL student.

How accessible are the faculty to the students?

The faculty is easily accessible. Additionally, SOIL provides both internal & external mentors to all students. All faculty are also assigned as internal mentors to students.

Does SOIL have any ranking in the MBA forums?

No, SOIL doesn’t participate in rankings.

Are the programs offered by SOIL AICTE approved?

No, but the programs at SOIL are comparable to regular one and two year full-time MBA programs offered by other business schools across the world.

As the program is not approved, will the students face any issues while switching companies after they get placed from SOIL?

No, all students have had exceptional career tracks. SOIL Alumni network has greatly helped a lot of our students switch jobs.

Does SOIL provide residential facility?

Yes, we provide a secure residential facility within 2 km of our campus at a subsidized cost.

Is there a separate residential facility for men and women?

Yes, separate dedicated residential facilities are available for men and women.

Is there any special accommodation for partners and families?

No, we don’t provide accommodation support for partners & families but can recommend options nearby.

Does SOIL have sports facilities available on campus?

Yes, students can play table tennis, pool, foosball, chess & carom. Additionally, we organize a SOIL Premier League Cricket tournament between the current batch and alumni each year. Many gym and sports facilities are available in close vicinity to the campus.

Does SOIL have parking facility?

Yes, we provide car and bike parking spots outside the campus.

Do we get any benefit/membership to external centers for accessing facilities such as gym, swimming pool, etc.?

Yes, we have preferential tie ups with gyms and sports facilities on a pay per use basis.

What are the additional facilities provided on campus?

Our students have access to the Knowledge Resource Centre, library, smart classrooms, break out rooms, technology assistance center, printers, food tuck-shop, garden, auditorium, in-house cafeteria, high- speed internet and air conditioning.

When can we come for a campus visit?

You are most welcome to visit the campus between 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday to Friday.

Does SOIL provide assistance for the campus tour?

Yes, current batch student volunteers provided guided tours of the facility. You can also sit in for a class if you like.

Is there an option for a virtual campus tour?


What is the public transport connectivity to SOIL?

Huda City Centre metro station is a 5 minutes’ walk from the SOIL campus. Cabs and other public transport are easily accessible near SOIL.

What are the general amenities available around campus?

SOIL is located in the vicinity of major hospitals, super stores, banks, food courts, malls, cultural centers, cinema halls & corporate organizations with easy access.

What kind of food is available in the cafeteria?

We offer North Indian, South Indian and Chinese Meals regularly at our in-house cafeteria.

Is the cost of food inclusive in the total college fee?

Yes, the cost of lunch is included in the total fees.

What are the various events that take place on campus?

Student led clubs and academies offer various events at SOIL. These include annual events such as Faculty Auction, Recruiter’s Golf Tournament, Karma Rasoi, Volunteering with NGOs, Leadership Series, Open Days, Business Forums, Webinars, Inspired Leadership Conference and many others. There are 2-3 events every month.

Do we compete with any other colleges for co-curricular such as sports, dance, theatre, etc?

Yes, we regularly participate in inter-college events across India.

What is the story/vision behind SOIL?

The founders of Grow Talent Company Limited came together to create a post-graduate business school in 2008 to nurture leaders who can build organizations of consequence.

What is the duration of the program?

PGP-BL & PGP-HRL are one-year full time programs.

What are the benefits of one-year format?

The curriculum is fast-paced, highly specialized and applies latest trends from business and industry. Running the program six days a week accommodates same no of courses and almost same number of hours of a 2-year program. Hence, the short tenure helps young professionals to quickly get back in the changing business environment and apply their learning first-hand.

What is the Return on investment (ROI) of the one year program as compared to two year program?

The ROI attained in the one-year program at SOIL is comparable to the two-year program and among the best in India.

How is SOIL different from the rest of the B-schools in the country?

SOIL is a one-year journey inwards. The major characteristics that differentiate SOIL from rest of the B-schools in the country are:
1. Industry Consortium
2. Mentorship Program
3. Social Innovation Program
4. International Faculty and global curriculum
5. Focus on Inspired Leadership

How does SOIL teach Leadership?

Self- Leadership We believe that SOIL is a not another post graduate program but a niche b-school with focus on inspired leadership. We help students achieve their leadership potential in the following ways.
1. SOIL Talent Appreciation Test
2. Individual Learning Plan

What does SOIL mean by industry mentorship?

As a SOIL student, you will be assigned two mentors – a corporate leader as well as an internal faculty member. The mentoring program provides an opportunity to seek career guidance from seasoned corporate mentors, practitioners and faculty.

What does Morning Circle mean at SOIL?

SOIL believes in creating a culture of appreciation & positivity. At SOIL, students spend 15 minutes every morning, in one large circle (Morning Circle), at the start of their day to share newly gathered perspectives, news analysis and moments that have inspired them. ‘Morning Circle’ – A unique tradition followed in SOIL that provides a wonderful stage for appreciation & sharing one’s thoughts. Morning circle goes a long way in forming student character.

What is Social Innovation Program?

Social Innovation Program aims to foster social responsibility in our future leaders. A team of students work closely with any of our 30 NGOs/ Non for Profit partners on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the one-year program.

What is the Learning Retreat?

Every batch spends one week in the foothills of the Dhauladhars at Tapovan Ashram in Sidhbari (Dharamshala). The students are sensitized to a different approach for consulting – appreciative enquiry i.e churning the positives. It is taught by Mr. Anil Sachdev, CEO & Founder, SOIL.

Is Learning Retreat a mandatory part of the curriculum?

Yes, it is mandatory. Our alumni quote this as the most memorable and transformational time in their lives.

What all things are included in the wellness program?

As a SOIL student, you will be initiated into a program on yoga, meditation and wellness. It is taught by our Sivananda yoga teacher Ms. Susie Roy.

Does the curriculum involve field projects?

Yes, students work on various live community projects.

Is there a particular dress code to be maintained at the campus?

Students wear formals on all weekdays except Fridays & Saturdays where they are encouraged to wear casuals. Indian wear is preferred during all festivals and celebration days at SOIL.

Does SOIL provide books and study materials?

SOIL provides case studies and course material electronically. All books and extra material is available in the Library and at extra cost if the students wishes to purchase.

What is the class profile?

There are 126 students in both Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership and Human Resource Leadership with an average work experience of 3.3 years.

What is the male/female ratio?

Almost 40% of the current batch students are female.

Will I get any additional credit from SOIL if I plan to go for further studies?

A student will get credits only if he/she goes to any of our partner institutes for further studies.

Does SOIL have any quotas for NRI/SC/ST/OBC candidates?

No, we don’t offer any reservations.

Do I need 16 years of formal education to pursue PGP at SOIL?

No. As long as you have been awarded a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, you are eligible to apply.

Do you have a deferral policy in SOIL?

No. We don’t have a deferral policy in place.