Janis Hutton

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (2016)

“I was told by someone working as a full-time coach that Royal Roads University was the ‘place to be’ for training in the field; RRU has a solid reputation in this unregulated profession, which will help me develop credibility while building a practice. The RRU experience was intimate and personal from the get-go.  The program structure played a large part in the building of our cohort and team-coaching communities. The wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and experience made for rewarding discussion forums and networking opportunities. I learned as much from others on my team/triad/cohort as I did from the actual course deliverable. The Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University has reignited my desire to create and dream again. This course has succeeded in providing the impetus I needed to get moving again, and will serve me well no matter where work or life takes me next.”


Domenico Iannidinardo

Master of Business Administration in Executive Management (2009)

“The Master of Business Administration in Executive Management program at Royal Roads University enabled me to develop my scientific background in resource management and provided me with a comprehensive perspective of the global economy. The instructors were greatly varied in experience, culture, and geography, and this provided the sharing of nuanced wisdom that can only come from that level of diversity. They clearly loved RRU and the courses they taught, yet they were not beholden to any particular aspect of it and, as a student, I knew I was learning the real deal. The cohort model, particularly for an MBA degree, emulated the real world of teams functioning across expertise, time, culture, and geography. It was magnificent. Knowing my cohort from our time on campus made the online work efficient and authentic. My RRU education continues to help me in the workplace by grounding me in fundamental theories and giving me the ability to keep learning about the quantitative and qualitative aspects of good, safe, and environmentally sound business practices.”


Laura Lee Langley

MA in Leadership (2015)

“I am committed to lifelong learning and have a passion for leadership, communication, and employee engagement and had been considering a PhD until I discovered the Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University. The program suited my passion and gave me the opportunity to test myself with other exceptional learners. I was no stranger to Royal Roads, having sponsored a number of employees through the Executive Coaching program and the university’s academic reputation and unique approach to learning made it attractive to me as a learner. After looking at many programs across the country I kept coming back to the leadership program at Royal Roads. It was the right choice. Experiential learning in a cohort of diverse peers with perspectives that supported, challenged and enhanced my learning was a gift that will affect me forever. The instructors were experts in their field and skilled at gently guiding, challenging, and helping us get to learn in our own unique ways. I felt particularly fortunate in all of my courses, online and on campus, to have confident instructors who were clear in their expectations and available to answer questions and enrich my learning.”


Bevona Bynum

MA in Leadership Studies (2015)

“My career began in operations in the retail sector, leading to Human Resources for roughly 20 years. I am currently in a senior Human Resources position, working with the ownership, board of directors, and CEO on strategies to build bridges between the people and operational needs of the business. I chose the MA in Leadership program at Royal Roads University because I am a lifelong learner with the desire to enrich and improve my leadership skills while obtaining knowledge on how to be more effective through organizational change. The cohort learning model was great; it truly added value to my experience and complemented my learning, and was very representative of the business world. The on-campus residency provided immense value to the program and was an essential component of the learning process. Online learning was not new to me, but the delivery format employed by the program was, and I now cannot imagine online learning any other way. As a result of my program, I now think differently and my actions take the entire system into consideration. I am now an effective organized leader with discipline and logic, a clearer vision, and decisive action.”