SOIL and RRU Collaboration

School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) is pleased to bring ICF accredited Executive Coaching certification to India in partnership with Royal Roads University, Canada. Soil has established a deep connection with RRU in their values and teaching methodology.

RRU’s foundation of ‘Five pillars of Learning’ (Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be, learn to transform oneself and society) ties in well with the ‘Five pillars of Inspired Leadership’ (Mindfulness, Diversity, Ethics, Compassion and Sustainability).

The Social Constructivist framework of RRU aligns well with the ‘Social Innovation Program’ of SOIL to assist NGOs. Both the institutes have a firm belief to apply their theoretical concepts, work in teams, and learn what it takes to be innovative to create inspiring leaders who work for the upliftment of society and make the world a better place.