Our Programmes

Open/Short Duration Programs  

Programs designed to provide timely learning interventions that help working professionals up-skill and progress in their careers. Programs are offered across multiple business topics, for various experience levels.

Custom / Long Duration Programs   

Tailor-made medium to long duration programs designed to address very specific organizational needs, along with building capabilities which are essential for career/role progression.

Global Programs  

 Custom-built programs delivered by world-class thought leaders, practitioners & academics.  Focuses on expanding awareness of external contexts whilst building the personal capacity to lead purposefully in an increasingly complex, volatile global environment.

Certificate Programs

Uniquely crafted, shorter duration programs to address an organization’s immediate needs. A team of expert faculty from diverse disciplines, provide knowledge in core areas like finance, strategy, leadership, marketing, organizational dynamics, & globalization.

India Immersion

An insider’s perspective to India’s dynamic markets, its business environment, socio-cultural norms & emerging opportunities.  Provides the right knowledge to harness the efficiency of the Indian economy and use India-centric innovation as a key differentiator.