Global Leadership Programme

Transforming the way business engages with the world!

A worldwide consortium of companies organized to develop leaders who can envision, inspire, and successfully deploy global growth strategies. The Global Leadership Program poses a unique set of experiences in developing leaders who can test and evaluate their own mental models regarding the environment, the business, the organization, and the internal operating assumptions in order to drive leadership effectiveness and create greater impact. We challenge individuals to think differently about themselves and the world they operate in.

The GLP is an executive development program comprised of corporations headquartered in Asia, Europe, and North America. The program is custom-built, designed and delivered with world-class thought leaders, practitioners, and academics.

GLP 2019 Schedule

Week One Silicon Valley, 25 Feb-1 March 2019

Week Two London, June 2019

Week Three Tokyo, September 2019

Coaching (1-to-1) on-site and intersession