Sudheendra Chippalkatti, Tata “The choice of faculty – I think they are the best in the world. I think they all compressed their years of experience into modules which enriched our experiences”
- Sudheendra Chippalkatti, Tata
Dr. Jayant Giri, Becton Dickinson “These 4 weeks are going to be a memory for life”
- Dr. Jayant Giri, Becton Dickinson
Manishi Tiwari, Schneider Electric “The amount of dedication and the effort SOIL has put in to drafting, selecting and ensuring that the kind of courses, experiences and exposure we get is tremendous…Confident, Competent and Complete; this is how I feel”- Manishi Tiwari, Schneider Electric
Paramjeet Chauhan, VECV “The trip to Pune was the best time of my life… Every day spent at SOIL with the faculty was amazing. I think we are going to cherish the experience for all our life”
- Paramjeet Chauhan, VECV
Iniyan R, Tata “The kind of education that was imparted to us is something that you will have to experience to believe”
- Iniyan R, Tata