Learning Methodologies

A. Strategic Organizational Project

Each ELP participant is assigned a real-time project of strategic importance, which is also critical to the long-term growth and sustenance of the organization. The Project has two objectives:

  • To help individuals apply their multi-pronged learning in a real-time and on-the-job scenario
  • To provide direct and tangible benefit to the organization

The project needs to get executed through the course-duration of the program. The monitoring process is rigorous in nature and entails multiple reviews between the individual, their project sponsor (within their organization) and the SOIL Team.

B. Class Room Sessions (Residential)

Classroom sessions are focused to enhance Self Awareness and Leadership ability, so as to partner with the business and gain expertise in managing organizational change and innovation.

C. One-on-One Coaching

A professional coach helps the individual discover and leverage their strengths, past experiences and beliefs to deliver superior actions and results. The outcome of the Coaching intervention is to create a long-term sustainable performance.

Each individual is taken to personal transformation approach through one-on-one coaching sessions by experienced and certified professional coaches with proven industry track-records. There are 3, 90-to-120-minute, coaching sessions for each participant over the course duration.

The coach is also provided the feedback from reporting manager of the participant in order for the coach to further understand the individual’s development needs specifically centered to the professional organizational work.

D. Leadership Series

Through deep-rooted industry networks, SOIL calls upon Industry Leaders (current CEOs/CXOs of eminent companies) once every module, to come on campus and address the individuals on their personal leadership story of how they came about to the helm of the organization that they now steer.

The purpose of the leadership series is to inspire individuals through impactful real-life stories. It plays a key role to help them understand the importance of aspects like teamwork, excellence and sustenance which are imperative to the growth of the Organization and the Self.

E. Alumni Services

All educational services which are open to the alumni of the SOIL B-School, are also open to alumni of ELP and other executive education program alumni. These services include:

  • SOIL Library Subscription
  • Connect with SOIL Faculty and Experts
  • Alumni Portal for Networking