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SOIL response to the COVID-19 Crisis - Message from our Founder, Mr. Anil Sachdev

The COVID-19 crisis is redefining the way we live and will live for years to follow.

SOIL was moved to do several things in line with our vision to serve the well-being of all stakeholders.

For the Community, we are offering several digital courses and webinars free of charge to enable them to source inspiration and build their capability.

I personally offered a 30 hours course on ‘Self Leadership To Serve The Well-being Of All’ course conducted in 20 sessions every day from 23rd March.

This was attended by nearly a hundred leaders from all over the world and the cohort reported a very significant impact on them.

Every Thursday, starting from 16th April, I am interviewing role model CEOs and other leaders to learn from their insights. This is being done through webinars from 630 pm to 730 pm and will be streamed live on our YouTube Channel.

For the alumni, we are doing virtual circles to connect and create a community that cares for one another and they too are being offered all the digital courses mentioned above.

It is very inspiring to see how many of them are serving the needy and the underprivileged in these difficult times.

For our students, we are transforming our curriculum, pedagogy and delivery to use digital, face to face and hybrid models. This will lead to greater learning outcomes while ensuring that physical spaces are redesigned to observe social distancing and safety and health of all.

For all NGO partners, we are also creating virtual circles and offering the benefit of digital offerings to them.

For our mentors and faculty including visiting faculty members, we are creating new avenues to learn from one another.

For our recruiters and clients of executive education, we are offering custom designed digital education.

We are starting a series of  digital learning sessions later in April featuring Global thought leaders and our own Faculty in partnership with our partners, CEDEP in the INSEAD campus at Fontainebleau.

We have created two Design teams - one  to reimagine SOIL-2.0 and the other to work on the near term task of preparing the School for the new world when the lock down is lifted.

In all our work, we derive strength from our five pillars:

  • Awareness- based on Mindfulness to gain clarity on we need to do in this crisis
  • Balance- between serving the short term needs to ensure business continuity and the  long term interests of all stakeholders
  • Compassion- in dealing with ourselves and all stakeholders to enable emotional well-being
  • Diversity- in leveraging the unique gifts of every individual and team to serve the well-being of all
  • Ethics- to take decisions that serve the interests of all stakeholders so that the pain is minimized and fairness is observed in all our dealings 

All small and medium sized organisations will go through some inevitable pain in these challenging times. 

Even as we are serving all others, we have taken decisions to redesign the compensation structures of all employees by dividing the existing fixed compensation into a part that is fixed and the other that is variable that is linked to the actual cash flows.

I have reduced my own compensation to only 30 percent fixed and the rest variable and other members of the leadership team have agreed to accept 60 percent as fixed and at the front line, the impact is minimum at only 15% being variable.

The movement called SOIL and its vision of building leaders with strong character, competence and enthusiasm has become even more relevant in this CRISIS and every day we are getting support and encouragement for the work that we have been doing since 2009.

I am sure that we will emerge stronger and even more committed to serving the well-being of all in the future.

Thank you for your encouragement and blessings!