Why Develop?

Talent Management

Below is a snapshot of how SOIL’s Leadership Development Interventions can enhance the effectiveness of the talent management processes of client organizations.

Succession Planning: One of the key objectives of SOIL’s Leadership Development interventions is to develop the future leaders of the organization and thereby create a robust talent pipeline in the client organization. After we have identified the future leaders of the organization and gained a thorough understanding of their strengths and development areas through our unique Talent Appreciation Process, our Leadership Development programs ensure that they acquire the key skills and competencies required to succeed in their future roles.

Functional to Managerial Transition: SOIL’s Leadership Development programs create holistic well-rounded leaders equipped, not only with the functional know how to successfully do their current job, but also with the business acumen and leadership skills required to take on higher responsibility in the future.

Reward & Retention: Leadership Development Programs also serve as a reward for high potential leaders and lead to an enhanced sense of engagement and motivation. SOIL’s Leadership Development interventions ensure that the participants are learning new skills, enabling them to bring more value to work. Organizations investing in the learning and development of high potential employees enable their employees to feel appreciated and recognized, which is known to increase retention.

Building High-Performance Teams: Building high-performance teams and cohesive teams is one of the most critical needs of an organization. We use Patrick Campioni Model to accomplish the task of building high-performance teams.

Some of the benefits of a high performing team for individuals are:

- Self-development as an effective leader by identifying the strengths and development areas as an individual and as a team player.

- An opportunity to understand and appreciate the strengths of the team and its members.

- An opportunity to create learning and action plans to continue the process of change and working on the development areas even after the intervention

Some of the benefits of a high performing team for individuals are:

- Greater synergy in the functional teams by breaking silos and building trust

- Higher employee engagement

Unique Elements of SOIL’s Leadership Development Programs

Andragogy: We design all our leadership development programs with a holistic view of the learning needs of participants. Listed below are key elements of any typical program, which can be customized based on client requirements.

A Strategic Organizational Project for direct and tangible benefit to the organization and real-time, on-the-job learning.

- Residential, Class Room Sessions for academic learning, highly engaging and interactive in nature.

- One-on-one Coaching Sessions supported by Psychometric Assessments and Reporting Manager’s Feedback for Personal Transformation.

- Leadership Series – Informal Talks by Industry Leaders/ Fireside chats (current CEOs/CXOs of large, impactful companies) for inspiration & impact.

- Using creative methods like theatre, learning journeys and outbound training to impart critical leadership learning in ‘action’ and build ‘Empathy’ amongst participants.

- Simulations to support participants in applying the learning from the classroom. It will help the managers to improve their business decision makings.

Our Network of Experts: We bring together some of the finest resources globally for engagements and use our deep understanding of the company ethos, culture and values to deliver meaningful solutions. SOIL’s core group of thought leaders and SMEs have over 30 years of experience in consulting with a variety of organizations and each is a renowned name in his or her area of expertise.