Transform - Overview

SOIL helps organizations to achieve the right culture and business excellence, deploying an in-depth approach towards organization transformation. SOIL’s organization transformation initiatives are designed to manage and sustain large scale change processes, with focus on co-creation, inclusivity and gaining buy-in from all key stakeholders.

SOIL’s core areas of expertise are:

Vision (Creation to Deployment)

The vision of an organization is used to convey the future direction of the company. It helps to concretize the future steps and endeavors that teams and employees would take up. SOIL follows a unique way of vision creation through the practice of Appreciative Inquiry. We bring together stakeholders across levels of the organization to create a single unified community. We enable organizations to dream, discover and design their vision and communicate it across the organization so that they become a signpost for both strategic and operational decisions and actions.

Values (Creation to Deployment)

Organizational values are those qualities which a company holds to be most important in doing business and dealing with critical stakeholders. Values, together with their defined behaviors, set the minimum expectation of conduct for everyone in the organization, and help to lay the groundwork for the organization’s culture. SOIL uses a systematic 4C approach of “Clarification, Communication, Celebration, and Compliance” to institutionalize the values across the organization. We enable our clients to build a strong foundation in each of these stages for organization-wide values deployment and for effective promotion of values-based behaviors through positive modification in overall business and HR processes.

Business Change (Managing & Sustaining large scale change)

SOIL utilizes a comprehensive approach of “inclusion, collaboration and co-creation” to manage and sustain large scale change. We use the Large-Scale Interactive Process to ensure the buy-in of all stakeholders in various business change assignments like introducing a new product, geographical expansion or acquiring a new business. Our roles include alignment of people, addressing the concerns and cascading the communication to one and all.