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SOIL 360

The ‘SOIL-360 Inspired Leadership Survey’ called SOIL 360 is a survey tool using the popular 360-degree feedback perspective to obtain a “leadership profile” for participants. It measures people on 3 dimensions of leadership:

  • What kind of a Leadership Role is the individual playing?
  • What Competencies are displayed in his / her behavior?
  • Does he/ she exhibit the Values of a true leader?

The Role, Competencies and Values characteristics are measured through a set of multiple-choice as well as open-ended inventory items.

What is unique about SOIL 360?

  • It goes beyond the conventional framework of leadership competencies to look at the role played by an individual as well as the values displayed.

  • The framework uses BARS (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale) that provides a direct input on the extent of competency displayed as perceived by the role set.

  • The survey uses a unique combination of BARS with forced choices to determine the actual behavior displayed in the 360 set.

  • The SOIL 360 has in-depth analysis and research by the SOIL Innovation Board.

Benefits of using SOIL 360

  • It is a universal standardized tool which has been developed based on decades of experience in the leadership arena.

  • Although it’s a standardized tool however it can still be customized to organization-specific needs.

  • ‘Unique Identifier Tags’ in the enables inter-industry comparative analysis.

  • Survey Analysis module which allows statistical analysis plus ‘what-if’ analysis with built-in use of statistical tools.

Survey Report

  • The report not only provides a perspective on where each participant stands with respect to his/ her 360 set of respondents; it also provides an inter-sectional comparison of all participants giving percentile scores. 

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