The unique Talent Appreciation Process (TAP) of SOIL enables individuals to discover their gifts (personality traits, knowledge, skills, attitude & behavior) and enables them to identify areas of development that they wish to consciously improve.

It uses a range of psychometric tools that have high validity and reliability, a unique 360-degree appreciation tool based on the “Inspired Leadership Framework” of SOIL and “Development Centres” conducted virtually or in person by certified “Appreciators” who have proven senior leadership experience. Thousands of leaders in some of the most admired global and local firms have benefitted from our expertise in this area.


SOIL partners with a range of organizations to identify their “demand for talent” and study the “supply for talent” based on its unique “Talent Appreciation Process”. It then helps clients to develop and execute strategies to enable accelerated capacity building. This is done by partnering with organizations to consciously match their portfolio of strategic transformation and business improvement projects with their portfolio of talent to provide the right experiences to identified employees.

SOIL also helps set up a network of internal mentors and external coaches to provide the necessary exposure. In addition, it creates customized education delivered both digitally and in person to build the desired capability with a rich team of outstanding full time and adjunct faculty sourced from all over the world. SOIL partners with a consortium of companies to co-create leadership development programs for CXO levels (Global Leadership Program, jointly with Conscious Leadership Institute, USA), emerging leaders (jointly with CEDEP, Europe) and Certified Coaches (along with Royal Roads University, Canada) and high potential HR leaders. 


SOIL enables organizations to create shared vision and values by deploying the unique 4D process based on “Appreciative Inquiry”. It prepares the soil for transformation by facilitating 1:1 and team sessions to discover the gifts of people through their stories when they were at their happiest best. Based on these, it enables organizations to “dream” about shared vision and values based on leveraging their gifts to create the “highest common good” for all stakeholders.

SOIL partners with these organizations to design a series of initiatives to manifest the future. It then facilitates the setting up of organization structures and processes to deliver the intended transformation, based on effective reviews, timely celebration, recognition and communication.

To add momentum to these transformation efforts, SOIL partners with these organizations to measure employee well-being and happiness, with the help of its unique “Happiness Model” based on Indian ethos, and initiate steps to increase physical, communication, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being.  This helps in building a “Happy Place to Work” even as it creates higher levels of quality, productivity and innovation.