Our Approach to Transform

SOIL follows a 6-step approach

Preparing the SOIL

- In-depth discovery process based on appreciative inquiry, with all key stakeholders, to understand the context and need

- Creation of a Governance Structure


- Co-creation of intervention design and preparing a roadmap for transformation based on discovery output, along with the required organization structure/governance team

- Leadership retreat to build awareness and excitement around the envisioned change


- Using inputs of leadership retreat to custom-design a large-scale interactive process

- Large Scale Interactive Process to engage with the rest of the organization, to understand the current reality, to communicate the need for change and to create the envisioned future

- Confluence Workshop with the leadership team to assimilate LSIP output and finalize the action plans and initiatives for the envisioned future

- Train the trainer workshops may be conducted to build capabilities internally to disseminate the learning to the larger audience

Pilot Projects

- The organization gets mobilized to work on pilot projects around each focus area

- Pilot project teams are created who begin working on the projects in an expert mode over 6 months to experiment new ways of working


- To gauge the extent of alignment of the various business, functional and people systems, processes, practices, cultural rituals and symbols with the newly drafted envisioned future and make the necessary changes.

Impact Assessment

- It is important to examine the extent of deep change, celebrate progress and engage the entire organization in reflection and continuous change.

- A new design team must be constituted to captures the extent of deep change by conducting interviews, focus group discussions and feedback surveys.