Our approach to Appreciate

SOIL has vast experience in conducting Appreciation (assessment) Centers for the purpose of Selection, Succession Planning and Leadership Development. The Appreciation Centers (AC) are designed and conducted by highly experienced and trained appreciators, in order to assess individuals and teams and understand their key strengths as well as development areas.

Assessment centers are particularly useful where:

- Required skills are complex and cannot easily be assessed with an interview or simple tests.

- Required skills include significant interpersonal elements (e.g. management roles).

- Multiple candidates are available, and it is acceptable for them to interact with one another.

Our Assessment centers consist of a battery of interventions, that help assess the behavior and personality of participants. Typical interventions may include Psychometric tests, Behavioural Event Interviews, Simulations, Group tasks, Case studies and/ or Roleplays. Interventions are designed, keeping in mind the competency framework of the organization as well as the target group of participants.

At the end of the exercise, a Talent fingerprint Report is provided to each participant, that includes the summary of his/ her strengths and development areas, as observed during the AC. If requested, it may also contain recommendations on the participant’s fit for a specific role.

In case the organizational context requires creation or revision of the existing competency framework, SOIL has the desired experience and expertise to assist the organization.