Case Study 1

Talent Appreciation for mapping of future leaders of  a leading international chain of hotels in India


- The Board of the organization wanted to take a fresh look at its leadership talent for the top three levels of the organization and understand how they are working as a team. The output of this exercise was planned to be used for succession planning and action for leadership development.

- Target group included the MD, Executive Directors, direct reports of the MD and the High Potential General Managers from different parts of the world (US, Australia, UK, Sri Lanka, India).


- Developed a set of competencies to define the ‘ideal’ skills and behaviours of a senior marketing leader. This was undertaken with the global backdrop in mind to ensure that competencies were calibrated internationally.

- Validated competencies by conducting correlation studies among desired competencies, assessment results, supervisor ratings, and sales for each incumbent.

- The 47-day program was delivered in three phases of 2-2½ weeks each, addressing the three levels of competencies, over one year.

- The first phase focused on providing general management competencies to create a common and shared language and understanding.

- The second phase was built on strategic and leadership skills. Based on 360 feedbacks, participants were also provided extensive one on one coaching from senior HR professionals.

- The third phase focused on advanced concepts in management and leadership, with issues like Corporate Governance and Restructuring.

Outcomes/ Impact

- Five of the 40 incumbents were promoted to VP level—within three months of the assessment. All 40 incumbents were provided a development plan for new competency model.

- Eight of the 20 high potentials were selected for an accelerated development program, one of whom was placed in the next level position within three months, and a second who received a promotion to higher level position within three months. The remaining 12 were provided with development plans to enable them to develop new competencies for future consideration.

- Seven outside candidates were hired at the new, desired competency level.