Cognitive Assessment (Cognition, Motives, Self-perception)

- Measures, Reasoning Logical thinking, Mathematical and language aptitude

- Strongly correlated to long term success in career

Personality Assessment (SOIL 360 Leadership Survey | SOIL Team Effectiveness Survey | Hogan Assessments | Belbin Team Profile | DISC)

- SOIL uses Personality Assessments that are based on the Big 5 theory of Personality

- The assessments help predict Behaviour at the workplace - “What comes naturally to a person”

Behavioral Assessment (Assessment Centers | Behavioral Event Interviews | Board-based/ Online Simulations | Case Studies | Role Plays | Group tasks)

- We help assess actual behaviors exhibited in a simulated work environment

- Adapted Behaviour in the real world

- Our interventions have greater Face Validity, as the behaviors can be “seen”

Skills Assessment (Skills, Knowledge)

- Measures Technical ability, Domain knowledge and understanding of the rules and context required to perform a job

- Can be learned