The unique Talent Appreciation Process (TAP) of SOIL enables individuals to discover their gifts (personality traits, knowledge, skills, attitude & behavior) and enables them to identify areas of development that they wish to consciously improve.

It uses a range of psychometric tools that have high validity and reliability, a unique 360-degree appreciation tool based on the “Inspired Leadership Framework” of SOIL and “Development Centres” conducted virtually or in person by certified “Appreciators” who have proven senior leadership experience. Thousands of leaders in some of the most admired global and local firms have benefitted from our expertise in this area.

  • SOIL’s holistic Talent Appreciation model integrates (i) Personality appreciation (ii) Behavioural appreciation along with Cognitive and Skill appreciation, to identify the critical attributes of individuals and teams that are correlated to high performance.
  • The feedback from the Talent Appreciation Process can be the starting point for enhancing self-awareness in individuals and teams and for creating impactful learning journeys. It can also be used for selection to specific roles and for identifying successors for critical positions.
  • We use an Appreciative Inquiry-based approach that celebrates the positives. Apart from Personality and Behavioural appreciation tools, the process relies on highly credible and trained appreciators from the Industry.

Our Appreciation Practice has two key pillars:

  • Assessments
  • Competency Framework