We are delighted to see your interest in the School of Business Design's 2 Year PGDM.

The unique and rigorous nature of the program requires students of a certain disposition. In addition to a commitment to academic excellence, we will expect you to think off the beaten track, have a sense of social and environmental responsibility, and actively contribute to the creation of a unique culture on campus. Our graduates should be driven by a genuine desire to grow holistically and see education as the means to create a better future not just for oneself but the world around them.

Whom are we looking for?

- Someone who is not defined by academic records or percentile scores but has a genuine desire to learn

- Someone who shows independent and original thinking beyond popular perceptions and biases

- Someone who blends analytical and creative skills with business acumen, with an intuitive understanding of the limitations of existing management programs

- Someone with the urge to make a difference and a commitment to building oneself for the future and not just to get the next job

If the statements above resonate with you, please apply to SOBD’s 2 Year PGDM. More details about the application process are listed in the following sections.