Gurgaon City Campus

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Situated in the heart of Gurgaon, School of Inspired Leadership demonstrates a premium locational advantage as compared to many other Business Schools of the country.  Best known as the ‘futuristic corporate hub’, the Millenium city is one of India's fastest-growing districts. Having expanded more than 70 percent during the past decade to more than 1.5 million people, with over 500 multinational companies headquartered here, Gurgaon accounts for almost half of all revenues for its state, Haryana, and a growing community of national and international leaders.

With holistic development at its core, the SOIL Campus displays an impeccable and state of the art infrastructure which contributes towards the overall enriching SOIL journey of every student here.  Strongly believing in the true spirit of ‘sustainablity’ the campus is surrounded by lush green spaces and a specially designed building which emanates natural light in all rooms, a sustainable rainwater harvesting system, and energy saving installed equipments, thus contributing towards the intellectual, Spiritual and Physical growth of each student of SOIL.  

Each Floor is charaterised with one pillar of SOIL and thus displays the vision of that particular characteristic. The ground floor is dedicated to Mindfulness as the exquisite knowledge centre is stationed there. The first floor is dedicated to Compassion as students present their social innovation programmes there. The second floor is dedicated to Ethics as student classrooms take up the majority area on that particular floor. The third floor is dedicated to Sustainablity where we have the vibrant and extremely creative Soil Staff  seated. Finally the fourth floor is the auditorium which is used for diverse purposes, hence it is dedicated to diversity. 


The world-class infrastructure created on the Institute's campus provides an ambience conducive to stimulating learning. 

  • Spacious, well-furnished and Centrally air conditioned campus with seating capacity of 80 students
  • Smart white boards, multimedia equipment, over head projector and state-of-art technology.
  • Flexible seating arrangement which stimulates two-way communication and creative movement
  • Round table model which further helps in team work and further enhances a collaborative learning experience for students


  • SOIL has a modern, well-stocked library:
  • More than 10,000 books and journals on all aspects of Business studies, Spiritual learning and history
  • Seating capacity of 80 students


  • Spacious, well-furnished and fully air-conditioned Auditorium with seating capacity for 150 participants
  • Equipped with latest State-of-the-art Audio/ Visuals, multimedia equipment, projector, etc
  • In-house provision for Video and Still recordings
  • Live installations of the 5 pillars of SOIL – Mindfulness, Compassion, Ethics, Sustainability and Diversity

Hangout Zone

  • Well designed Table Tennis structure
  • A State of the art Pool table
  • Cafeteria which serves delectable multi-cuisine food options
  • An outdoor seating area amidst lush green trees
  • All safety and sanitary measures are undertaken

Location Address :

Plot No. 76,

Sector 44,


Haryana 122003.