Global Associations 

School of Inspired Leadership partners with niche global business schools with a specific focus on design thinking, technology, innovation, sustainability, and research. SOIL carefully chooses its international partners to provide its students with a unique international experience.

MIP Politecnico Di Milano, School of Management, Italy

MIP, Italy was created by a collaboration between key Italian companies and one of the most prestigious Italian universities well known for its tradition of excellence in technology and innovation - Politecnico di Milano. In 2003 MIP joined the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering forming the School of Management of Politecnico diMilano.


UNB University, Canada
One of the top five comprehensive universities in Canada, according to Macleans, UNB has more than 12,000 students from more than 100 countries. UNB's two main campuses are located in Fredericton and Saint John (started in 1964), New Brunswick. UNB University, Canada accepts up to three students per Academic Year two weeks from partner institutions.
Mountbatten Institute, Great Britain
SOIL partnered with The Mountbatten Institute for the International Analyst Internship initiative. The Internship is a highly competitive program, collaborating with Fortune 50 companies in London and New York to offer a unique way of linking international workplace practice with business theory, combining paid, full-time internships with a British post-graduate qualification.

The European Centre for Executive Development (CEDEP), France

CEDEP, also known as The European Centre for Executive Development (in French, Le Centre Européen d'Education Permanente), is an international, not-for-profit organization co-located on the INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau, France. It operates as an executive club and corporate university for a diverse set of 20 global companies. 

Royal Roads University(RRU), Canada

Royal Roads University (RRU) is a special-purpose public university that delivers high-quality applied and professional programs. It got established by the provincial government in 1995 through the Royal Roads University Act, RRU delivers high-quality programs designed specifically for aspiring and experienced professionals who want to advance in the workplace.


Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation, Shizenkan University, Japan

shinzekan Shizenkan is built upon the legacy of Institute of Strategic Leadership, based in Tokyo. The school has developed more than 1300 business and social leaders since 2001. Shizenkan combines the B-school approach that excels at a quantitative, logical and strategic way of analysis with the D-school approach that excels at disruptive and out of the box thinking to empower people to design a better future.