Only Program With Over 30 Top Partner Companies

School of Inspired Leadership is co-created by a group of 32 Multinational and Indian companies from across industry verticals who believe in the value proposition of creating leaders with a focus on the triple bottom line. The program is designed by and for companies to prepare the 'manager of the future' who is capable of solving crossfunctional, multidimensional and complex problems, that the corporate world of today faces while continuing to focus on Ethics and Sustainability. The MBA Consortium Companies have a key involvement in the program right from the start through networking events, mentorship, workshops and finding career opportunities for students.

Our Consortium Partners are shown below:

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The Consortium Partners help SOIL in the following key areas:

Curriculum Design

The curriculum and the faculty are two fundamental anchors of quality education. Especially after the global financial crisis, there has been a lot of discussion and debate on how business schools have contributed to this ‘crisis of confidence’. The answer lies in the quality of relationship shared between educational institutes and the corporate world. An examination of the curriculum raises questions on both, the design and the delivery of the programs a B school offers.

Do B-schools focus on developing the right kind of leaders? Do they only help students develop a sharp focus on business excellence or do they equip them with life and career skills? Do they address contemporary issues and opportunities and help students understand the context in which business is being managed and led on a global canvas? The curriculum at SOIL has been designed through several design workshops held with leaders from the industry consortium. The curriculum is of the highest quality and meets the needs of Industry while focusing on contemporary global corporate themes. The curriculum includes a balanced focus on leadership development, business excellence and skill development.

Talent Appreciation Process

Placement in B schools has taken a hit on two counts – finding the right talent and the economic downturn. Experience has shown that even in bad times, high quality students have several jobs to pick from. Our focus at SOIL is to ensure we tailor make talent for leading companies. This begins by using standards of selection that are followed by these companies. Each shortlisted student seeking admission into our programs is interviewed by a panel comprising a cross section of leaders from the Industry Consortium. This ensures that students who gain admission into our programs meet the quality standards of these companies right from the beginning. Since these leading companies also design the curriculum, it provides a platform for building the required knowledge, capabilities, behaviours and traits.


In the corporate world, culturally savvy leaders utilize mentoring as a strategy for generating greater success in challenging times. At SOIL, each student is assigned a leader from the corporate world that mentors him or her. This can be a very energizing process, as the Mentor helps the student really understand how s/he is perceived and how they perceive themselves, in the light of their future responsibilities and career goals. SOIL, using the Caliper Assessment report and inputs from the Talent Appreciation Process at the time of selection, prepares an ‘Individual Learning Plan’ for each student, highlighting areas of strengths, areas of development and primary coaching needs. This forms the bedrock of developmental and learning opportunities for our students.

Case Study & Research

Business case studies recount real life business situations that present to business executives a dilemma. Though the use of case studies is common practice in leading B schools, selection of case studies that represent the business environment in which we operate and the challenges and opportunities we are faced with today is critical. For each company in our consortium, SOIL conducts a company day along with the representatives of the company. They research and prepare cases that are shared with the students. This would help build an understanding of how each of our consortium companies is unique and special and highlight performance breakthroughs in the face of adverse conditions - Leadership lessons for life.


At SOIL, consortium companies are investing their valuable time in designing the curriculum, selecting students, mentoring them and building relevant case studies. This is helping build a talent pipeline meeting the highest quality standards of industry at large and these companies in particular, thereby, considerably improving career options for our students. Our consortium companies are ensuring that a meaningful platform of interaction is built between recruiters and SOIL students and will lead the entire process.