Awards & Accolades


2013: SOIL is awarded the SHRM’s ‘Game Changer’ Academic Institute of the Year Award.

Harvard Business School

2013: Dr. Srikant Datar of Harvard Business School invites SOIL to a conference on ‘Rethinking the MBA‘to present its unique learning model.


2012: SOIL is recognized by the academic committee of CEDEP as an innovation in higher education.

The Planning Commission

2011: SOIL is invited by the Planning Commission of India to assist with the planning of the 12th Five Year Plan.

All India Management Association & Accenture

2010: SOIL is named amongst the top 3 Innovators in India by All India Management Association and Accenture.

IIM, Ahmedabad

2010: IIM Ahmedabad names SOIL as a ‘game changer’ in Higher Education.