Why Business in Design

The what and why of Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an organized approach to master the art of innovation. It trains the mind to think differently, redefine problems, synthesize insights and develop multiple solutions. Design Thinkers do not view situations as decision making between two available alternatives. Their integrated view allows for the creation of new possibilities by balancing conflicting priorities in non-obvious ways and thereby practicing ethical leadership.

The challenge with B-schools at present

At present, management education is excessively focused on formulaic methods for problem-solving. This means that there is an overemphasis on the analytical and logical reasoning for students. They are unable to think creatively in non-linear ways or make connections between apparently unrelated things. Working only with formulae and templates, they struggle to come up with practical and implementable solutions.

Bringing Design Thinking to the core of management programs

The majority of the problems that the business world faces now are much more ambiguous in nature than ever before. How people discover information, make choices, make purchases and use products and services are changing all the time. Businesses are also realizing that it is essential to integrate inclusion and environmental responsibility in all their decisions while ensuring profitability.

Management education must therefore necessarily evolve from its current stagnant form to a more holistic one which encourages creativity & innovation in finding solutions. The objective of integrating business and design is to make students understand and excel in the key elements that are needed in developing a leader who is effective while being empathetic towards all the stakeholders involved.