Social Innovation

Today, more than ever before, the business community is increasingly focusing on the development sector and social inclusion. This makes it essential for any business leader to fully understand and appreciate the ground realities of the development sector. Without the full involvement of the future leaders, this development will remain one-sided, insufficient and incomplete. With this intent, SOBD has incorporated the Social Innovation Program into its curriculum as an integral course.

It is an academically-driven program designed for creating innovative solutions for pressing social problems. Against the context of real-life challenges faced by local communities & organizations, our students act as external consultants in proposing and implementing ideas for impact. This initiative provides the perfect opportunity for applying their classroom knowledge into real life. Students also enhance their networking, project management and crisis handling skills.

- The Social Innovation Program (SIP) at SOBD involves a team of students working closely with a non-profit organization working towards community development

- SOBD will partner with NCR-based non-profit organizations and our students spend one day every week working with these partners

- Every team chooses a project that they can contribute meaningfully to by building business plans for income generation activity, developing case studies as marketing collateral, creating innovative fund-raising initiatives etc.