Message from Founder
Anil SOBD Introduction


SOIL’s new creation, the School of Business Design, at Manesar, will offer a 2 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management with a focus on developing young leaders with  holistic thinking to become aware of the true needs of multiple stakeholders, care for their requirements, source creativity and inspiration from deep within to develop products and solutions and dare to transcend their limitations and fears and work synergistically with others to manifest sustainable innovation - the essence of Design Thinking.

The rapid evolution of the business and enterprise eco-system in India makes it obvious that, whether one chooses to be part of a startup or a growing organization, or wishes to pursue a career in a legacy organization, traditional management education is incomplete by itself. It has to be matched by the ability to deal with ambiguity, integrate divergent approaches, and appreciate the unique requirements of a certain situation rather than respond with templatized solutions.

SOIL’s School of Business Design 2 Year program has therefore been designed as an innovation journey. As part of this journey, students will work in teams to observe diverse stakeholder groups in their natural habitats. These could be local farmers, established corporates, startups, government organizations and thinktanks, NGOs, or educational institutions.

Courses such as The Essence of Design Thinking, Ethnography Inspired by Social Anthropology, Sociology of Communities, The Psychology of Empathy, Critical Thinking and Perspective Beyond Biases, Leading Self, and Mindfulness Through Yoga and Meditation will prepare students for this part of the journey. They simultaneously develop a strong foundation in areas of traditional management education like strategy, finance, marketing, operations, and HR.

The program’s unique curriculum and pedagogy are complemented by SOIL’s legacy and our long-standing relationships in the world of business. Its success lies in students who will enjoy, benefit from, and contribute to this innovation journey. We are looking forward to welcoming the Founding Class of Business Design Leaders who will not only emerge as leaders on the professional front but as strong, well-rounded personalities who will shape the world around them.

- Mr. Anil Sachdev, Founder, School of Inspired Leadership.