Centre for Design Thinking

The Center for Design Thinking will be the fulcrum of innovation and creativity. Design Thinking will be at the core of the thinking and execution process. Students will collaborate and work to understand user behavior, identify consumer needs, ideate, participate in rapid prototyping of these ideas, and get real-time feedback from potential users.

At this Center,

- Boot camps will be conducted with industry experts and academics teaming up with our students to experience and understand design

- Theory sessions and lectures will help students understand how to identify and define a problem statement

- Students will participate in a session where they will observe and empathize with people who are actually affected by the problem statement being discussed

- Students will prototype ideas through resources available in the Product Labs

Product Labs

- The Product Labs will be a part of the Center for Design Thinking and help students make their ideas comes to life.

- These Labs will have resources and equipment like 3-D printers, woodworks, electronics & soldering, paper processing, paint booth, and mini milling & drilling machines

- The Product Labs will be open to the PGDM Students during their second year

- The Labs will be used in making real-time & rapid prototypes from the ideas that the students develop as part of their coursework