Career Overview

SOBD’s vision is to nurture creative Business Design leaders for today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

The SOBD program design prepares you in a unique manner to create and access professional opportunities that are emerging at leading organizations in these times. We are quite sure that as an exclusive group of the first ever graduates in the country with a specialization in Business Design you will be much sought after by all companies that value design and innovation as a key driver for their growth and sustained success.

Beyond the SOBD curriculum and academic experience, we have a robust Career Advancement Center that has been built over the last decade. We are proud to have placed over 800 graduates from SOIL, across 300 companies in 22 different countries of the world.

SOBD in particular, having been created by a consortium of over 30 companies, is adequately prepared to create and identify the most fitting opportunities for its graduates.

Specifically, we foresee our graduates taking on the following range of responsibilities

  1. Product management roles at top design-led firms
  2. Business designers/product architects at start-ups
  3. Experience and service design managers at large service companies
  4. Strategy planning and execution management at established firms to identify and/or create new business opportunities
  5. Roles in traditional domains of business management like finance, HR, marketing etc.
  6. Consulting at design research and product development firms
  7. Entrepreneurship