Career Learning Academy

Career development is not simply about obtaining a job; it’s about bringing out the best in you as a professional and a leader. Career Learning Academy (CLA) is dedicated to assisting students in achieving long-term professional success by providing appropriate resources and guidance.  Below is an outline of how the different processes designed to achieve this outcome are structured.

Define Life Vision

Our life’s vision defines who we want to be, what we want to be known for, and the set of experiences and accomplishments we aim for. Our vision provides a framework to evaluate these goals and work towards them.

We offer peer group discussions and one-on-one mentoring sessions which enable individual students to continue on this journey of self-reflection.

Each student has an internal mentor who is a senior leader in School of Business Design and an external mentor who is an industry leader. He/she makes his/her Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and works closely with mentors, career development coaches and the peer group to realize his/her true potential.

Self-Assessment and Personal Support

Identify and leverage your strengths, and target the areas where you want to grow, with our well researched and validated instrument - SOBD Talent Appreciation Test (STAT). An extensive report on attitude and personality is shared with each student. The Career Management Centre Advisor, who has a clear understanding of your goals, works closely with you in your areas of improvement.

Leadership Series and Industry Insider

Meet industry veterans who have extensive experience in areas such as strategy, marketing, operations, finance, digital technology, start-ups, and more. As part of the Leadership Series, every month industry leaders interact with students and inspire them to imbibe the most sought-after leadership skills.

Mock Behavioral Interviews

Acquire knowledge, gain confidence, refine your responses, and think on your feet through role-playing and practice interviews with industry professionals and our experienced faculty.

Workshops on Personal Branding

Make strategic career decisions and build a foundation for lifelong career management through management communication courses, online software on self-learning, and career workshops. A tailored communication program supports students to build a unique personal brand to bring to the job market.

Networking @ Alumni

Beyond the classroom, you have a global network of more than 1000 SOIL alumni.  Many will be actively engaged with the student body in different and overlapping capacities - acting as a coach on campus, providing entrepreneurial advice, sharing hobbies and interests, and even becoming employers for internships and final placements.

Current Industry Information

Get comprehensive information on industries, business stories, career specialties, market forecasts, and other job-related data through weekly Career Management Services updates.

Student Conferences and Club Events

Attend valuable networking events, case study competitions, career panels, regional treks, networking receptions, and conferences.