Innovation FAIR

The Innovation FAIR is the annual festival of the School of Business Design. It is the culmination of the entire teaching-learning experience that a student undergoes during the 2 Year PGP program. The fair will be an opportunity for the students to showcase their learnings, reflections, and their impact on the Manesar community.

An overview of the Innovation FAIR

  1. After learning how to empathize with stakeholders and understand their needs, student teams will identify and define a pressing challenge faced by the community around the campus
  2. They will then prepare Empathy Maps (to identify the deepest of causes, feelings of the stakeholders) and brainstorm ideas to address the defined problem
  3. The teams will select the best ideas and convert them into prototypes for products or services to address the needs of the stakeholders
  4. The prototypes will be piloted and undergo detailed critique by all the stakeholders
  5. Finally, the teams will prepare an implementation plan along with the partner community to continue the work of scaling up these ideas to ensure sustainability

The School will also invite community stakeholders to present their learning and intentions to build upon the work done by students through an Innovation FAIR (Festival of Appreciative Inquiry and Rejoicing) spread over three days.