Rural Immersion

The Rural Immersion Program is a unique initiative to sensitize emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs towards various rural development policies and programs. Our students will also analyze their execution and effectiveness. Through this program, we will create a squad of inspired leaders with a social and rural orientation, who have the right character, competence, and enthusiasm to build a better world.


Spread over three weeks, students spend time in villages in Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country. Students experience challenges unique to these spaces and learn to empathize with rural stakeholders while dissipating several misconceptions associated with the rural population.

Students work very closely with NGOs, supporting social organizations, Chief Development Officers, Block Development Officers and Nodal Officers; visit various blocks in the district; analyze the schemes; survey villagers to understand the actual level of implementation. This enables students to understand the challenges that are faced in the execution of the schemes while identifying operational gaps that can possibly be bridged through better planning and management strategies.


Students get a chance to apply their academic learning in a practical context. They explore the rural markets, understand consumer behavior and identify relevant business opportunities.

Students gain awareness about social issues in rural areas and an understanding of opportunities to introduce technological intervention and implement new management techniques.