The two-year PGDM Program follows a trimester model where each term lasts for 10 weeks

- Each full credit course is taught for a span of 20 classes of 1.5 hours each. The final deliverables will differ from course to course

- A compulsory Summer Internship comprising of 3 credits should be undertaken by the student during their summer break between Year 1 & 2

- A compulsory Social Innovation Project comprising of 3 credits should be performed by the student during the second semester

Learning Objectives:


- Apply a holistic approach considering all the triple bottom line elements (Financial, Environmental and Societal) while solving a problem

- To display adaptive reasoning in a dynamic environment

- Act like a CEO having a bird’s eye view and understanding problems in an integrated manner across verticals


- Advanced understanding of all the management concepts across verticals such as Marketing, finance, strategy, Analytics, Operations

- Advanced understanding of human-centered design concepts such as design thinking, systems thinking, etc.,

- Basic understanding of key classical design concepts like 3D drawing, typography, space, form, and structures

- Understands various human cultures & evolution


- Follows a human-centric approach thinking

- Innovative & creative thinking focusing on finding the right solutions for the major human mankind problems

- Prefers an action-oriented approach preferring a fast fail approach towards solving a problem rather than arriving at the right solution without experimentation